Do i need a permit to build a deck in north carolina?

Replacements for windows, doors, exterior cladding or stakes, railings, stair treads and porch covers and outdoor decks. Here in North Carolina and across the U.S. In the U.S., the permit fee varies depending on what is being built; for example, a permit to build a complete custom house does not have the same price as a permit to build a terrace or patio. Usually, the price of the permit is based on the square footage of the intended structure.

Permits are established for the protection of the owner and the builder. Part of the basis of granting permits is to ensure that an authorized inspector controls the works at every stage of the construction process to ensure that a healthy and safe structure is delivered to you at the end of construction. This will provide you with a structure that lives up to your expectations. The fee for these inspections is included in the permit fee.

While all municipalities and counties have different requirements for obtaining permits, North Carolina has strict regulations on granting permits. North Carolina statutes and residential building codes require permits for certain repair and renovation projects. A permit is generally required to perform work that affects a load structure, to add or change any heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) or plumbing system, and for all electrical work. Roofs are load-bearing structures; therefore, a permit is required to build, repair, or replace a platform, or to change its design.

If the contractor is found to be engaged in trade without being duly allowed, a civil and possibly criminal sanction will be imposed on him. Severe monetary penalties are imposed on unpermitted buildings and, in some cases, if builders are discovered without proper permits, they may be forced to tear down the entire structure and start over to ensure that each phase of construction is thoroughly inspected in accordance with the regulations that govern the permitted structures. It's important to check with your deck builder before starting your project to ensure that all licenses, insurance and permits are available as per your request. One thing to keep in mind to ensure that the builder has obtained a permit is the permission box that must be present at any validated work site.

Frankly, if your builder questions your request to see the permission credentials, it should give off a red flag. Any reputable builder will gladly give it to you. Our contractor checklist illustrates the essential credentials for building decks. Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad is licensed, insured and guaranteed, and obtaining the permit is included in the quote we offer you to build your outdoor living structure.

A plot plan is required to obtain the permit and, if the landlord doesn't have it, we also help with that. We also ensure that all the right inspections are done at the right times so that there are no surprises at the end of your project. We've got you covered, from start to finish, from top to bottom, with no room for anything but the best experience and the delivery of a suburban structure. That's what we call the “Archadeck difference”.

If you're thinking of adding a custom deck to your home, Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad would like to be your construction partner. Call us for a free consultation at (33) 568-8230, send us an email, or fill out a contact form on this website. We look forward to your call. These are the companies that take money to make quick money and leave you nothing but an empty promise and build you a shoddy structure and then hide, leaving the innocent owner nowhere to turn when things go wrong.

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