Are there any special requirements for constructing an outdoor fire pit or fireplace with your new home built in charlotte north carolina?

Depending on the location of the proposed outdoor burn, some fires may also require permits from the North Carolina Forest Service. Open burning refers to different types of controlled outdoor fires, such as small residential fires to burn garden waste or commercial fires that clear land. In North Carolina, state law limits what can be burned outdoors and when. The Open Combustion Rule is one of North Carolina's oldest air quality standards, first adopted in 1971. Charlotte outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a trendy product today and can instantly adorn a drab patio.

There may also be rules that dictate whether you can have a wood burning fireplace in your outdoor space. Needless to say, an outdoor wood burning fireplace is the ultimate thing in fiery environments. We urge anyone in the Charlotte area who wants to use an outdoor fireplace or campfire to investigate county and city-level burning regulations for recreational fires. Archadeck of Charlotte will first create its outdoor home design to include a fireplace function, which complies with local building and use codes.

Lighting a fire is a natural way to create a focal point at an outdoor meeting and attract people to congregate.

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