Do i need a permit to build a deck in mecklenburg county nc?

Do I need a permit for a storage shed or accessory building? A storage shed or accessory building will need a building permit if any dimension exceeds 12 feet in any dimension. If the building is smaller than 12 feet, you won't need a building permit, but you will need a zoning permit. Extensive projects, such as the replacement of a roof or the construction of roofs, require permits to meet safety standards established by local and international building codes. A Mecklenburg County resident who meets the landlord requirements can obtain a landlord's permit to work on their residential property (not spelled as a condo).

When a terrace is converted into a glazed terrace, the windows and roof create additional wind loads in the room, which must be supported by a full base. This requires a building permit and an electrical permit, and the floor, walls and roof must be insulated. It would require a building permit plus electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits, if there are pipes involved. Covers smaller than 30 inches are exempt as long as they do not exceed 200 square feet in area, are not connected to the house and do not serve the required exit door.

Decks that are built more than 30 inches above the adjacent level will undoubtedly require a building permit.

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