Are there any special requirements for constructing an outdoor living space or patio area with your new home in charlotte north carolina?

Can I convert my terrace into a glazed terrace? Yes, you can, but you'll need a full masonry base built underneath it with a continuous concrete base. Most of the decks are constructed with wooden posts on individual shoes. When a terrace is converted into a glazed terrace, the windows and roof create additional wind loads in the room, which must be supported by a full base. The only alternative to this would be for a licensed North Carolina engineer to design a pole or dock base that would withstand the additional load.

This requires a building permit and an electrical permit, and the floor, walls and roof must be insulated. If the exterior door that leads to this glazed terrace is removed, a licensed mechanical contractor will have to provide heat to the glazed terrace. The owners bought their house on the lake a few years ago and decided it was time to take advantage of the ocean views by improving their home's outdoor living experience. Of course, the biggest challenge is always “how do we do it? Last but not least, the old screened porch next to the kitchen was converted into a sun room.

The transformation of this porch, which was once dark and gloomy, into a bright and cheerful space would lift anyone's spirits. This unique outdoor living room is now perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying the view almost any day of the year. If there is a full basement and the area is a heated or air-conditioned space, the basement walls will be insulated with R-5 for continuous insulating cladding inside or outside the house or to isolate the R-13 cavities inside the basement wall or the mezzanine wall. It would require a building permit plus electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits, if there are pipes involved.

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